Figure 8 Rubber Band Chest Expander Fitness Resistance Rope Rubber Exercise Multicolor Color Yoga Gloves Exercise Muscle Fitness

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Figure 8 Chest Expander: 

★Extremely convenient - you can take them anywhere!
★No more expensive gym fees and no more large exercise equipment littering your home.
★Resistance bands are an extremely effective method of gaining muscle tone and losing fat.
★Ideal for general exercise, yoga, pilates, and any other kind of physical therapy.

Yoga Ring:

★ HEAD TO TOE MOBILITY ★ –The Yoga Ring is an exemplary tool for mobility exercises. Spending 5-10 minutes working your arms, legs and abdominals with the Ring will increase your mobility and have a long-lasting impact on your life in- and outside of the gym. Deepen your stretches, improve your flexibility, and enhance your yoga practice or mobility with this simple yet effective tool.
★ RELIEVE TIGHT MUSCLES ★ – Synergee Yoga Rings can be used to provide myofascial release, helping to ease pain, restore alignment, and increase mobility of your muscles and joints. Yoga Ring exercises can help you decrease your chance of injury; keep your joints healthy; become stronger; and plus, they can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment!
★ COMPACT & PORTABLE ★ – The Synergee Yoga Ring is small, light, and effective. It is the perfect addition to any commercial gyms, yoga studios, or aerobic classes. It is a must have for any athletes looking to increase their flexibility.

★What you get: 1 x Resistance Bands , 1 Yoga Ring

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