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KenGadget Announces Launch of Selfie Stick Monopad With Adjustable Holder and Bluetooth Remote Shutter on

There's no doubt that taking “self shot” photos is more popular than ever, as evident by all the posts on social media that revolve around them.  KenGadget recently announced the launch of their new product on that makes taking these photos much more easy and fun, the Selfie Stick Monopad with Adjustable Holder and Blue Tooth Shutter.  

June 14, 2015

Taking “selfies” and posting them online is one of the funnest parts of social media for many people, without any doubt at all.  That said, there's always been limitations to how the photos could be taken:  in mirrors or by holding a smartphone or camera at awkward angles, with the end results often being less than perfect.  Recently, tech accessory and other gadget company KenGadget recently announced the launch of their solution to this problem on, the Selfie Stick Monopad with Adjustable Holder and Bluetooth Remote Shutter.  Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We're quite excited to have our Selfie Stick on Amazon,”  commented a spokesperson from KenGadget.  “It can really make a huge difference when it comes to taking great self photos, or other kinds of photos too.  The manufacture is top notch and we're making every effort to keep the price as low as possible.  It's a win/win all around.”

According to the company, the monopad gives up to 41 inches of reach, with the Bluetooth remote shutter making taking pictures with one hand simple and easy.  It's compatible with most smartphones, including the Android, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and with extendable holder fits devices with 4-5.5 inch screens, without any problems.

The entire device is very light making taking multiple photos no problem at all for most people.

Early feedback has been positive across the board.

Gabri S., recently said in a five star review, “Love this selfie stick!  Easy to use and holds my iPhone great.  I Love the Bluetooth feature. It was fast to pair with my phone, super easy to use. Can't go wrong with this one. Easy to fold and carry.  It's made of strong durable material and doesn't bend when you extend it like some others. Highly recommended!”

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Kengadget Announces Launch of Wireless BlueTooth Headphones 4.0 With Microphone to Quick Praise on 

Exercise enthusiasts, runners and joggers have a new resource for more enjoyable training, thanks to Kengadget.  The company recently announced the release of their Wireless BlueTooth Headphones 4.0 with Microphone, making cable free high quality music possible even with the most intense workouts.

October 17, 2015

For an even somewhat active person having cables hanging from headphones can be seriously annoying.  For someone wearing their headphones to the gym or on a run, it's not acceptable at all.  Fortunately, innovative electronic accessories brand Kengadget has recently released their Wireless BlueTooth Headphones 4.0 With Microphone that lays these problems to rest.

“We are very confident that our new Wireless BlueTooth Headphones will quickly become a popular product,”  commented a spokesperson from Kengadget.  “They are incredibly well designed, packed with features, and are available at a very attractive price point.  We wouldn't be surprised if they became one of our brand's bestsellers.”

According to the company, the cable free, high quality sound design makes the Wireless BlueTooth Headphones a great choice for active people who like to use the power of music to stay energetic and motivated.  Runners and weightlifters alike have sung the headphones praise for not getting in the way of their performance in the slightest.  They are sweat proof, and features not only a built in volume control, but also a microphone making receiving calls very simple and easy.

Feedback from early customers has been very enthusiastic.

Jules C., recently said in a five star review, “These feel very good in my ears. The buds that came with them feel comfortable in my ears.  They are light weight so don't pull on my ears. I have paired them with 3 devices so far and not trouble at all. They do block out the noise, so when my husband is watching football I can be listening to music or my audiobooks and I don't hear the tv at all. Charging on these was very fast it only took an hour to charge for me, which is great as it means you won't be without them for long. The cord is very light and a great length so no chance of it catching it on anything when you are wearing these. The voice commands are great for knowing you have turned them off.”